Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Changes on the Buses

Look out for yet more changes to buses in Horsell from September.

Loss of the 28
Following the latest stage of Surrey's bus review the 28 bus will not run through Horsell from 5 September.  There will be another bus service the 48 that will cover some of this bus route and run to Knaphill along Littlewick Road.  This will be a weekday only, day time service with 5 buses per day from Horsell to Woking and 4 in the opposite direction.

The withdrawal of the 28 means no service to Goldsworth Park centre or Waitrose, fewer buses and no weekend service.  The reason for withdrawal is lack of users but given the number of changes to bus routes and times it is hardly surprising that it has few passengers.  Most people just don't know when the bus is running.

Revised service on the 73
At the end of October Countryliner will end their 73 service which runs hourly on Mondays to Saturdays from Chobham to Woking, going through South Road, Meadway Drive, Ormonde Road and then Well Lane in Horsell.  This is deemed to be a commercial service (that is Surrey does not subsidise it) and will be put out to tender.  Surrey see this as an opportunity to change the route if that is what is wanted locally.

Surrey County Council would like your views on where this bus should run.  They have suggested two possible route options plus the opportunity for the bus to run to Morrisons on some journeys.  Please take a look at the information below and send your views to Laurie James (
 at Surrey (if you could copy me it would be helpful so I know what suggestions are being made).


Option A) Continue with a similar timetable on the same route as now

Option B) Continue to provide an hourly service to/from Chobham but divert certain journeys between Horsell and Woking so that they run from Meadway Drive via Horsell Church and Brewery Road, rather than Ormonde Road and Well Lane.

Reason: From 5 September 2011, bus service 28 will be withdrawn from Horsell as already advertised. This service runs via Horsell Church and Brewery Road and is being replaced by a less-frequent service 48 on Mondays to Fridays only. The 48 will leave Horsell for Woking at 0828, 1017, 1217, 1417 and 1617. It will leave Woking for Horsell at 1030, 1230, 1430 and 1635.

By diverting part of service 73, journeys could run from Horsell to Woking via Brewery Road on Mondays to Saturdays at 1132, 1332 and 1712, returning from Woking at 1100, 1300, 1500 and 1730.

Advantage: Horsell High Street, Church and Brewery Road get more bus choice
Disadvantage: Ormonde Road and Well Lane get fewer buses.

Possible improvements with both options A and B: Extend service 73 during the middle part of the day to/from Morrisons Store in Woking and provide a better choice of buses back to Horsell and Chobham at commuting times from Woking Station at 1640, 1730, 1820 and 1910 (as well as 1935 to Horsell only)

Comments on the above are invited by Monday 19 September by email to 

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