Saturday, 30 November 2013

Will street views of McLaren provide another excuse ...?

The McLaren Technology Centre on Chertsey Road, Horsell is now on Google Street View.  You can go to Google Maps, search for the Centre and drop the little yellow character on to McLaren to walk around the heart of McLaren's F1 operation.
Button and Perez with McLaren 2013 car

The Daily Mirror picked up on this and provided the link to some of the views. The shots include racing cars from Button and Perez's 2013 season models right back to 1966 McLaren cars.

I am a little surprised that McLaren has opened up in this way.  One of the many infamous reasons for not opening a visitor centre (as required by the original planning permission) at the Technology Centre  was due to commercial confidentiality.

I do hope this new spirit of openess will not provide another excuse not to provide a visitor facility either on site or within Woking.

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