Sunday, 2 February 2014

Horsell SPLASH

Flooding on Brewery Road
Not the television programme featuring an Olympic medal winner and a Tory MP (how do they find time for this sort of thing?) but the experience many of us have had on Brewery Road in recent years.

Since 2012 an area between the entrance to Brewery Road car park and the entrance to Kingswood Court has flooded after heavy or persistent rain.  As we have had a lot of both in the last few months there has been a lot of splashing.

I have been on at the County Council to fix this flooding for almost two years.  There is a summary of some of my earlier efforts here.

Not only does the flooding cover the road and lead to pedestrians and cyclists getting splashed it is also over a pedestrian crossing.  

The county’s minor works team spent 3 days trying to resolve the problem last year.  They gave up as it was beyond their scope and passed the issue to the county council’s “wet spots” team.  It is yet to make to the top of their action list, and can only have fallen further down that list with recent flooding across the county.

Horsell Splash
I am told the issue is that the water has nowhere to go.  Something is stopping it from running away.  I don’t doubt that this is part of the problem but this flooding has only occurred since the road was resurfaced.  

The area between the car park entrance and Kingswood Court is the worst affected by the flooding but there are other sections along the road that now have puddles, where they never existed before – take a look by the bus stop.

The road by the
bus stop
The county has promised to put up some flood warning signs to slow down drivers and hopefully save pedestrians and cyclists from getting soaked.

I am continuing to press for a proper solution that removes the water and ends the Horsell Splash.

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