Thursday, 8 May 2014

Horsell Hell Goes on in Well Lane - Day 38

No sign of a new surface on Well Lane

The Horsell Hell that is the Well Lane resurfacing works is now entering its sixth week.  Work was scheduled to take 10 working days. 

Contractors started work on 2 April so work should have been completed on 15 April. The project is now 12 working days over time.  it has taken more than twice the allocated project time to date.

There is still no end in sight.

The current situation is that the road is being resurfaced in sections.  This is a slow process. Thames Water continue to work on the drainage in the road after drains collapsed during an earlier stage of the work.

I wonder if it is a record that these works have impacted all the utilities during their tortuous procession.  The water main has been hit at least twice, sewage has been affected on a number of occasions,  there have been at least two gas leaks and a power cut of several hours duration.

During this hell residents and businesses have suffered noise, dirt, impeded access, late night disturbance and a scene of chaos outside their front doors.

Surrey County Council should offer compensation to both residents and businesses that have suffered so much, for so long,

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