Sunday, 27 July 2014

Vodafone try again on Horsell Way mast

Schools are breaking up for the summer holidays so it must be time for a planning application to add to the Horsell Way phone mast.  Sure enough a new application for the Vodafone mast in this peaceful Horsell street has been registered with Woking Council.

It is Planning Application 2014/0805 which was received by the council on 11 July.  The application seeks to increase the height of the existing phone mast, add 2 extra cabinets at ground level and move the mast within the area.  In the process mature trees will be removed.

This is just the latest of many applications relating to this mast.  A number of the applications have been submitted with more than one coinciding with summer holiday periods.
Horsell Way where Vodafone want a
new larger mast

Strangely the planning application only shows one previous application for the site.  A very similar application was made in November last year and refused by Woking Council.  The application was rejected because information was not supplied on the effect of installing a new mast the many trees on the green are

The original application for a mast at this site was refused in September 2006 but allowed on appeal in February 2008.  in July 2010 Vodafone wanted to extend the mast to share with another operator.  I blogged at the time that applying to extend the mast at this site was ignoring an agreed site on Horsell Common land, disguised by trees and away from homes and schools.  i was delighted to be able to report just a month later that no further application for Horsell Way had been received from Vodafone and that they were exploring the Horsell Common site.

Unfortunately, as far as  I know,  there has been progress on the Horsell Common site and Vodafone came back first last year and now again this year with an application.

If you are concerned about this application please do email, comment on line or write to Woking Council about these plans.

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