Tuesday, 26 May 2015

5 storeys high on Horsell Moor?

As I highlighted here a couple of weeks ago the laundry site in Horsell Moor is closing and and a developer wants to put retirement apartments on the site. Pegasus Life is the developer and Lexington Communications are managing the consultation process.

I attended the exhibition for the proposals today and learn that 33 apartments with a day time concierge and 34 parking spaces is being suggested.  The development would be a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom flats and plans show a pleasant central garden area. 

The building will be a reasonable 2 storeys high closest to homes on Horsell Moor but this will be stepped up to a massive 5 storeys facing the cricket green. This is explained as fitting in with other industrial units nearby.  

Well here is Jewsons next door. Nowhere near 5 storeys high.

Then there is LA Fitness. Again nowhere close to 5 storeys high.

You have go up to Victoria Way and look at Century Court, the flats facing the town centre, to find a 5 storey high development.

Five storeys will be vastly out of keeping with the houses and other buildings nearby.  Allowing a developer to build so high could create a precedent for future developments in Horsell.

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