Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Commercial to Residential in Horsell

Close on the heels of the closure of White Knight laundry on Horsell Moor came the end of the line for Cable Electric in Well Lane.  It is sad to lose two local businesses within a few months but the demise of these remaining commercial properties in residential areas was not unexpected.  It is  good to see that we do have flourishing small businesses in the High Street with the recent arrival of a new pet shop, the fishmonger and fruit and vegetable shop.

The developers who bought the laundry site held a consultation event on their plans for this location at the end of May.  They plan a development of 33 'apartments' aimed at older residents.  This seems a reasonable use of the site but as I set out in an earlier post the 5 storey height that this development is suggested to reach at its highest point is out of proportion with the surrounding area.

I had heard a suggestion that the Cable Electric site may be a location for more flats but I see that an application for 2 houses has been submitted. The plans are for a 4 bedroom and 3 bedroom house, both with garages.  The application is PLAN/2015/0808 and full details can be viewed on the Woking Council web site.

The representations of the proposed houses seem to fit in well with the existing streetscape.

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