Saturday, 3 October 2015

Aldi for Arthur's Bridge?

I've heard a few rumours in recent months about a possible retail development on Arthur's Bridge Road or Horsell Moor.  Those who know the area well will be aware that there is an LA Fitness, soon to become a Pure Gym after a takeover, that abuts Arthurs Bridge Road and Horsell Moor. Next door is Jewsons builders yard and then White Knight laundry.

LA Fitness is due to close from 5 October to 21 October to be fitted out as a Pure Gym.

White Knight laundry has closed and moved to Reading and there is an application with Woking Council to build 34 retirement apartments on the site.

This week's Woking Advertiser carried a front page story on the possibility of Aldi coming to Woking and suggested the current LA Fitness and Jewson's sites as possible locations.

A popular supermarket would generate traffic and is likely to add to parking problems in the area. Not everyone is a fan of Aldi but its popularity appears to be increasing.  Aldi got the Which Supermarket of the year award in 2015 and has collected many other accolades in recent years. 

As yet there is no planning application and no firm information about this potential arrival.  I will keep you informed if I hear any new on this.

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  1. Aldi is awesome and would be great for Woking as it really is massively cheaper than the big 4. Once you've done Aldi/Lidl and learned how to pack your bags fast enough not to use the "shelf of shame" then you will never go back to the big boys. I can do a massive family shop in 10 mins and it's 30-40% cheaper than Sainsburys.It's a no brainer. That site is not ideal really as there would be traffic. They would have to built access from Lockfield Drive and not Horsell. Hopefully could squeeze them to continue to improve the bike infrastructre round there so people can shop by bike.


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