Sunday, 14 February 2010

British Democracy in 2010

Two events today have made me think about the state of British democracy in 2010. The first was Gordon Brown's interview with Piers Morgan. This seemed to me a totally scripted and rehearsed performance. Describing it as an interview was something of a misnomer. Discussions between our Prime Minister and Mr Morgan were interspersed with short films in which colleagues, friends and family sang the praises of Gordon. What place is there in our democracy for an hour of television time to be taken up by promotion of one man and the party he leads?

I learnt of the second event whilst watching Gordon's "interview". On Sunday the BNP forcibly removed a Times journalist from one of their meeetings. Their leader is quoted as saying "We will carry on throwing The Times out until they report the truth". I wonder how long before other press representatives are excluded by these people? Hardly democracy in action.

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