Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Horsell Policing Update

After a stable period of local policing in Horsell with PC Parish we got a new NSO (Neighbourhood Specialist Officer) during last year.  I never heard that this new NSO was leaving but was told by our local PCSO that another officer was covering our area for the forseeable future.  This seems to be a long term arrangement as another officer Rebecca Holder is now listed as the Horsell NSO.  You can see PC Holder's biography on the Surrey Police site.

Derek Slee continues to be our Horsell PCSO and is frequently seen out on the beat.

Meet both our NSO and PCSO at the regular Police Panel on Thursday 6 February.  The panel is an opportunity for residents to raise any general crime and safety concerns and to set priorities for our local police in the next two months.  The panel starts at 7.30pm and is held at Horsell Village Hall in the High Street.

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