Tuesday, 26 February 2013

As one road opens ... an entrance closes

Triggs Lane open
I was delighted to find out last Thursday that Triggs Lane was to re-open to traffic the following morning.  I knew drivers in my own area of Horsell and across the borough would be relieved that one traffic nightmare was over.  The work was finished a whole four weeks ahead of schedule.  Thanks are due to a number of local councillors and county council officers who worked hard on getting the work done in the shorter time.

The speed of the work, which took two thirds of the anticipated time, seems to show just what utilities can achieve when pressured.  All too often the county council seem much too lenient in allowing utility companies to close roads and disrupt key routes.  There is no doubt works need to be done.  Triggs Lane needed a new gas main, but all effort should be put in to do the work in the fastest time possible. 

Woking Council which helpfully put a notice on its website advising the road was closed until late March has to date failed to advise that the road is now open again.

UPDATE 27 February - Woking Council now has an update on its website - 5 days after the road re-opened 

Lightbox entrance closed
Meanwhile today I found out that the front entrance to The Lighbox is closed while works are done on access to the bridge over the canal.  I had heard in passing that this was to happen but I had no idea when or for how long.  

I have no doubt the work is necessary but why could the Council not let people know this was going to happen?  I haven't walked by yet to see but I am told there is no advance signage of the closure.  There is nothing on the Council website.  There is a notice on the Lightbox website where I learnt the closure began on Monday 25 February and will last for up to 3 weeks.  It would have been nice if this information had been given to ward councillors and some signage would be helpful.  I did drive past tonight and the way the site is cordoned off it looks as if the Lightbox is closed.

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