Monday, 18 March 2013

Horsell Moor Resurfacing Defies Logic

On Sunday I took a look at the resurfacing work on Horsell Moor. Signs went up a week or so ago advising residents and other users of the road that it would be closed overnight on a couple of days over the last week.

I was pleased to hear that this road was to be resurfaced because the work was much needed.  There are potholes and damaged road surface all along the road.  However I was a bit puzzled because I had also heard at a county council meeting that Horsell Moor was on a standby list for resurfacing.

Part of Horsell Moor is now resurfaced
On further investigation I came to understand that the main part of Horsell Moor would be resurfaced but the section from Brewery Road to 1A Horsell Moor was not being done at the same time.

The Dividing Line
Resurfacing only part of Horsell Moor

This seemed totally illogical but imagine my shock when I realised that only the section of Horsell Moor from near the children's playground to Arthurs's Bridge Road and the part of the road outside the cricket club and children's nursery entrance has been resurfaced.  This leaves the main residential section of the road and the two other entrances from Brewery Road untouched.

Where is the logic in resurfacing just part of a road when the whole of the road is quite clearly in need of this treatment.

What is the financial logic in getting all the equipment to site, having it delivered on huge low loaders, bringing all the workmen to the site just for one small section of road.

Potholed road left untouched on Horsell Moor
On top of this I am told by residents that notices they received about the works implied that the whole road was to be resurfaced.  I have also heard that councillors were aware only part of the road was to be done.  Well maybe the county councillor is aware but I was never even told the road was to be resurfaced, despite receiving general public notifications about road works.  I learnt from being told by residents and noticing the signage on the road.

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