Sunday, 17 March 2013

More time to pay Council Tax

Woking Council has always collected Council Tax for Woking, Surrey and our police and fire services in 10 instalments. There is one advantage of this to residents.  For two months of the year there is no Council Tax to pay.  The advantage to the Council is that all the money is collected earlier in the year and it provides greater certainty in future budgeting.

This year dear old Mr Pickles, the Local Government Minister told councils that they must offer residents the opportunity to pay Council tax in 12 instalments.  I must admit I hadn't realised that other authorities already offered this option.

Woking Council don't seem too keen to promote the longer payment terms as they have hidden information about making the choice on the back of local council tax bills.

If you would find it easier to budget or make council tax payments over 12 months just give the council a call and ask them to revise your payments.

With some residents being asked to contribute to their Council Tax payments for the first time or to pay more of their Council Tax bill this year as I set out here this could be of some help.

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