Monday, 22 April 2013

Two out of three ain't bad (but it would be nice to do better)

I've been really pleased in the last week to have helped local residents to solve two niggling problems.

Overhanging trees caused problems

The first was an issue of highway trees which overhang a resident's garden.  When I spoke to the resident a few weeks ago they told me they had tried, unsuccessfully, in the past to get Surrey to cut the trees back but they had not received a response from anybody.  I sent the details off to Surrey to see if anything could be done.  I was delighted to hear back last week that the county agrees the trees need to be cut back and the work will be done in the next few months.

Drains flooded on unadopted road

The second issue was flooding drains on an unadopted road.  I find the concept of unadopted roads puzzling. We don't have many in Horsell but they are quite common on newer estates.  In this case it meant that I couldn't ask Surrey to come and clear the drains because they don't cover that piece of road.  I did however get Thames Water to do the job and it was completed last week.

Brewery Road flooding
still not resolved

I also finally got action on a third issue but sadly it was not solved. This is the flooding on Brewery Road which I summarised the saga of last week.  The county team came out and cleared the drains (which has helped to some extent) but were not able to solve all of the flooding.  As I had suspected there is more than one issue here.  The drains was a part of it.  The very helpful man from highways agreed "the camber" of the road may be part of the issue.  This appears to confirm my theory that much of the problem dates from when the road was resurfaced last year.

The issue has now been passed to the "wet spots" team but highways couldn't give me a timescale for when they would be able to tackle the flooding.

So two out of three isn't bad but it would be nice to do better and get the third resolved as well.

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