Monday, 3 May 2010

Would you vote Labservative?

As support for the Lib Dems increases in this election it is interesting to see the reaction of the two old parties "Labservative".

Here in Woking the Tory and Labour candidates have been agreeing with each other at the hustings. They agree to such an extent that the Conservatives quoted the Labour candidate, extensively, in a recent piece of literature.

I heard recently of a hustings in Hampshire, where, when asked which party they would support in a hung parliament the Labservative candidates said each other.

These two old parties really seem to be so concerned to preserve the old system, that's the one where they take it in turns to run the country and Lib Dems and other smaller parties get a few seats. Labservatives know it may be a few elections to wait, but eventually it will come around to their turn again. Neither of the old parties wants the Lib Dems to upset their cosy life.

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