Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Finally safety works on Arthur's Bridge / Well Lane?

Signs displayed on Well Lane in Horsell suggest that long promised safety work on the junction of Well Lane / Arthur's Bridge and Lockfield Drive may finally be about to happen.

I blogged back in October that this work was imminent.  Despite Surrey County Council announcing the work it didn't happen at that time. No idea why.

Then, Surrey, with their usual forethought, suggested doing the work in January - at the same time as the closure of Triggs Lane.  It was politely suggested this wasn't a good idea.

Finally, I hope, work will start on 22 May.  That will be almost 3 years since I wrote on my blog summarising the issue and highlighting concerns that had already been made many times.

The junction will be closed whilst the work is done so it will be an inconvenience for some days.  i hope it will be worth it for a safer junction in future.

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