Tuesday, 24 June 2014

How online is Woking?

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has recently published figures on the proportion of census returns made online across the country.  I completed my census online so I was interested to see how many other Woking residents had done likewise.

Fewer than a quarter of Woking residents (23.1%) completed an online census form.  The great majority (76.9%) filled in a paper form.  This figure places Woking borough as the English local authority 39th in level of online completion.

Online completion rates vary across Woking from 15.2% to 32.7% with lowest levels of online completion recorded in parts of Byfleet and Maybury and Sheerwater whilst there were higher levels of completion in parts of Maybury and Sheerwater, Mount Hermon West and Horsell West

Most neighbouring boroughs have a lower level of online census completion than Woking .  Elmbridge was at 22.1, 10 places below Woking, Guildford at 21.9, 17 places below Woking and Runnymede was at 21, 27 places below Woking.  Surrey Heath has a higher level of completion than Woking.  At 24.1% it is 16 places above Woking.

The highest level of online completion across English authorities was in the London borough of Tower Hamlets (30.9%). London authorities took the top 5 places in the table of online completion and overall London topped regional completion figures at 24.2%, followed by the South East at 19.9%.

Lowest level of online completion came in the district of Eden in Cumbria at just 11.7%.  The average level of online completion across all local authorities was 18.4%.

It appears that Woking is an online borough that is ahead of many neighbouring boroughs and above the south east average.

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