Monday, 23 June 2014

New Vision Homes - Satisfaction and Performance Update

UPDATE Wednesday 25 June

Following the Conservative group forcing through plans for a constitutional change - giving themselves chair of Overview and Scrutiny - the committee settled down to review the report on New Vision Homes. 

Given that this report was first requested in February, was potentially to come to an April meeting but was delayed until June in order to complete all the necessary research I was very shocked that the first act of new committee chair Cllr Hussain was to suggest deferring the item another month.  Thankfully common sense prevailed and the report was reviewed.

When tonight's Woking Council Overview and Scrutiny meeting takes place (see here for how it will be delayed by Conservative plans for constitutional change) there is a key paper on New Vision Homes.

Several months ago councillors asked for a review of New Vision Homes (NVH) performance on maintenance and repairs.  This was promised for after the election period.  Councillors duly submitted issues their residents had experienced in the last six months.

The report before the committee tonight - you can read it here - covers a satisfaction survey run by an independent company.  It seems clear from this report that whilst NVH performs well in some areas - tackling anti-social behaviour for example - there are issues on repairs and maintenance. Feedback on the reports that councillors were asked to supply doesn't appear to be there.

I hope the Overview and Scrutiny committee fully explores the report before them tonight and continues its work to get a better repairs and maintenance service for tenants and leaseholders in future.

The meeting can be viewed online, either live from 8pm tonight or in a recorded form after tonight.

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