Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Boundary Commission chops chunks out of Horsell

Disappointing news from the Boundary Commission.  The national body, which reviewed Woking's borough ward boundaries, has announced its final decision. The Commission has ignored public opinion and chopped chunks out of Horsell.

The new Horsell ward boundaries from 2016
I blogged back in July about the Commission's proposals for Horsell.  I set them out again below.  Sadly the proposals are now the final decision and will be our new boundaries from 2016.  

The only change from what was proposed in the summer is that The Grove, Ferndale Road, parts of Chobham and Brewery Road (including the WWF Living Planet Centre and The Lightbox) and the Broomhalls will go to a new ward whose name is now Canalside rather than Sheerwater

Boundary Commission proposals for The Grove, Ferndale Road, Chobham Road, Brewery Road and Broomhalls 
The Boundary Commission proposes that part of the eastern edge of Horsell West ward and a little of the west of Horsell East ward move out of Horsell to a new Sheerwater ward.  The area involved (shown below) is the beginning of Chobham Road, from Victoria Way (including The Lightbox), The Grove and Ferndale Road, Kingswood and Alwyne Court on Brewery Road, Brewery Road car park and the WWF Living Planet Centre, Broomhall Road, Broomhall Drive and Broomhall Lane, the Wheatsheaf Pub and several houses to the north of the pub.
The Commission has confirmed its decision to move Merrivale Gardens and Hedgerley Court to Goldsworth Park.
Boundary Commission proposals for Merrivale Gardens and Hedgerley Court
Another proposed loss from Horsell is Merrivale Gardens and Hedgerley Court. The commission wants to move this area to Goldsworth Park ward.

The new Horsell ward, as of 2016, will be a combination of the current Horsell West ward (less the areas to the Eastern boundary listed above) and the Horsell East part of the current Horsell East and Woodham ward less The Grove, Ferndale and part of Chobham Road.

There is also the loss of part of Carthouse Lane to Knaphill.  The first I heard of this was in the final decision.  I think this move may revert back to the situation prior to the 2000 electoral review.  However other roads, beyond Carthouse Lane, remain in Horsell.

With the Conservative decision to have 30 councillors over 10 wards the numbers just did not work out to keep Horsell and Woodham together.  But, chopping out parts of Horsell is simply illogical and totally ignores local community.

You can read the Boundary Commission's report in full here or see a summary here, where you can also view the ward maps and input your own postcode to check your ward.

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