Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Surrey Tops the Table ... of pothole claims

Surrey paid out quarter of a million on
pothole compensation last year
Being top is not always best and that is certainly the case when it comes to Surrey County Council and potholes.  
Our local highways authority tops the table for 

  • The number of compensation claims made as a result of potholes on local roads; and 
  • The money paid out in compensation as a results of these damaged road surfaces.

Surrey had 4000 claims last year, way ahead of the next authority in the table with 1500 fewer at 2500.

Surrey paid out a quarter of a million in compensation claims to 842 of those who made a claim.  That is £300 per successful claimant.

Across other authorities in the top 5 for claims on damage from potholes the average number of claims is a little over 2000.  That is only half the level of claims in Surrey.

What is Surrey doing with our money if it isn't fixing our roads?

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