Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Could the Horsell Splash finally be over? - Update

Not such good news on the Horsell Splash. It seems Surrey County Council has abandoned the installation of a drain as they found an electricity cable where it was planned to put the drain.  As an alternative an additional soakaway is being dug on the other side of the road.

Surrey doesn't have a great record on keeping these soakaways clear so it may be hopes of a puddle free road were premature.

I am delighted to see that the Horsell Splash may finally be over.

I began work in 2012 to get Surrey County Council to fix the flooding that occurs around the entrance to Brewery Road car park, Kingswood Court and the pedestrian crossing to Footpath 19a.

My blog post from back in April 2013 summarises my efforts to that date on this and other flooding issues in Horsell.  

Last year there was some concerted work by Surrey (funnily enough at around the same time of year) and a blockage was identified which stopped water flowing away.  I blogged about it at the time. 

Surrey have finally got around to clearing the blockage and adding a new drainage channel on Brewery Road.

What a relief it will be not to have to run the risk of an unwelcome shower after heavy rain in this area. 

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