Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Golden Farewell to Humfrey

I see our former MP Humfrey Malins has received a ‘resettlement grant’ of £54,000 after standing down as an MP at the general election.

I can understand that it is appropriate to pay a resettlement grant to those MPs who lose their seats at an election. It would seem particularly necessary for those who may have moved to, or lived in their constituency and who may now need to relocate in order to find alternative employment. This does not apply to Mr Malins. He never took it upon himself to live among the people he represented here in Woking and he stood down by choice. I believe he continued his ‘other job’ as a crown court recorder throughout his parliamentary career. On this basis I fail to understand why he should receive this huge amount of money. One assumes he his life will continue as before, he’ll just be doing one less job.

Maybe Humfrey would like to make a parting gift to Woking from his windfall – a donation to the local hospice would be a popular choice. Alternatively he could give the £50,000 to George Osborne to help plug the hole in the country’s finances.

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