Thursday, 15 November 2012

And the winner is .. Apathy

It is very hard to predict the result of the Police and Crime Commissioner election in Surrey. With 6 candidates, one each from three major parties plus a UKIP and 2 Independents, it is difficult to know who will finish where.

Surrey is of course a predominantly Conservative county. All its MPs are Conservative. All its councils are Conservative run (although there are some such as Mole Valley and Woking with a strong Lib Dem presence).

This would appear to point to a victory for the Conservative candidate. But what about the Independent ex police chief who went for the Conservative nomination and on failing to win decided to go it alone. Or the other independent who is the last chair of the Surrey Police Authority, the body that an elected PCC will replace.

Don't forget UKIP who has a former policeman up for election.

Labour have little hope with no MPs and only a handful of councillors in the county.

That leaves Nick O'Shea the Lib Dem candidate who has family experience of the police service, many years of management experience and an understanding of budgets from his work as an accountant.

But I think the real winner when results are announced on Friday will be apathy. Whoever I going to be out first PCC will not have the support of the public because so few have voted in this omnishambles of an election.

If you read this on Thursday there may still be time. Polls are open until 10pm. Why not cast a vote for anything other than apathy.

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