Friday, 16 November 2012

Who voted for our Police and Crime Commissioner?

At the end of a long day of election results a quick review of who in Woking voted for our new Police and Crime Commissioner.

A total of 12,190 Woking residents voted for their new Police and Crime Commissioner on Thursday.

There was just a 15.6% turnout in Woking with fewer than half of postal voters using their vote and only 1 in 10 other voters making it to the polling station.

Across Surrey turnout was 15.7% with the highest turnout of 19.8% in Mole Valley and the lowest of 13.1% in Spelthorne.

Kevin Hurley, a former Detective Chief Superintendent with the Metropolitan Police was elected as Woking and Surrey's first Police and Crime Commissioner.

The election used SV - Supplementary Vote - the same system used to elect Boris as Mayor of London.  This means that voting slips had 2 columns rather than one to place a vote in.  In the first column voters put an "X" against their preferred candidate.  Voters can then also choose to out an "X" in the second column - a supplementary vote.

When votes are counted any candidate achieving at least 50% of the vote is the winner.  If no candidate achieves 50% of the vote the second preference votes are used.  The top two candidates go head to head.  All other candidates are ruled out and their second preference votes allocated to the top two candidates.

In Surrey the Tory candidate was ahead by 13 votes on first preferences but had only around a quarter of the vote (26.1%).  When second preference votes were allocated between the Tory and second placed Independent candidate Kevin Hurley the latter came out on top (by a large margin).

Surrey's vote for "former police chief, zero tolerance" was confirmed at 17.40 after a count which seemed to take up rather a lot of day given the low turnout.

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