Thursday, 15 November 2012

Will Police and Crime Commissioners have a mandate

Turnouts are reported to be very low in many areas for Police and Crime Commissioner elections.  I couldn't help but think how Tories are very quick to complain that union ballots for strike action are invalid if there is a low turnout.  Here's Francis Maude last year commenting on one ballot:

"i note that only one in five PCS members voted for strike action"
In the same year dear old Boris, Mayor of London suggested a 50% turnout should be required in strike ballots.  Many local elections don't get a 50% turnout never mind the omnishambles that has been the elections for Police and Crime Commissioners.

Turnout has been so low I think the public has sent a clear message to the government that they are just not interested in having a Police and Crime Commissioner.

It is little known that today was also to have been a day of elections for Mayors in major cities.  Only one city, Bristol, voted to have an elected Mayor.  Another rejection of Tory centralisation of power in the hands of one person.

Take this back to the drawing board Theresa May.

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