Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Patrick Moore in Horsell

Sir Patrick Moore acted
with HADS

As I heard of the death of national institution Sir Patrick Moore last week I remembered that he had a Horsell connection.  I vaguely recalled that he had trod the boards with a local drama group.

My memory alone was not reliable so I did an online search to remind myself of the details.  Horsell Amateur Dramatic Society (HADS) website confirmed my memory.

Patrick Moore taught at St Andrew's School for a short time.  The school is still in Horsell and situated at the end of Wilson Way.  Whilst teaching at the school the man who found fame presenting The Sky at Night acted in five HADS productions.  HADS' website notes that the future Sir Patrick "had an amazing photographic memory".  Apparently he only had to read a play once to know his part.  

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