Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Woking Commuter Trains are Crowded - news?

No surprise to learn that a Woking commuter train is at number 2 in the list of most overcrowded trains in England and Wales.  The weekday train that leaves Woking for London Waterloo at 7.32 has a load of 164% says a Department of Transport report covered by BBC News.

Also, at number 9 in the list is a service from Alton to London.  This is the train that leaves Woking at 7.52 for London Waterloo.  It is one of a number of trains that are overloaded by the time they arrive at Woking.  The load on this train is at 152%.

With more flats going up around the station and a key selling point being the fast commute to the capital isn't it time Woking had the long promised new carriages or even a train that starts at Woking.

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