Thursday, 25 March 2010

Concerned about traffic posts on Brewery Road

I'm very concerned about some new traffic posts that are starting to be erected along Brewery Road. The aim is to slow traffic but I am not at all convinced that they are going to be effective. The posts are set to cover a huge distance from just past the postbox (near the children's playground), right along the bend towards Woking, and finishing just before the next side road into Horsell Moor.

I think the massed effect of these posts is going to be ugly and intrusive. They will really spoil what is currently a green view across Horsell Moor, defined by trees, shrubs and grass.

The posts are positioned quite a way into the pavement so will reduce pavement width, quite critical as the pavement narrows as it approaches Horsell Moor. I will be difficult for people to pass as the road narrows towards the road into Horsell Moor and quite a problem for double buggies.

Residents haven't been consulted on the erection of the posts and people I have spoken to so far are not convinced that traffic speeds will be reduced.

I have written to the County Council officer involved raising my concerns, as has local Lib Dem councillor Richard Sanderson. Despite being an elected representative in Horsell he was not informed of the County Council's plans.

I believe the posts are being erected because there is some money left in the budget at the end of the year. Residents are not to get their long awaited traffic calming, despite this having been proposed by former Lib Dem county councillor John Doran a number of years ago. I understand the budget is frozen for all road safety schemes for the coming financial year. This scheme appears to be a sop to Brewery Road residents. In my view the County Council are wasting their money. Residents want real traffic calming.

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