Tuesday, 16 March 2010

National Parking Award for Brewery Road but WBC still want to build over it

Brewery Road car park has won a "prestigious award" for its 'recent' refurbishment. This award is supported by 'Parking Review' and the 'British Parking Association'. The Conservative Leader of the council said he was "delighted that Woking's efforts to improve our car parks through a multi-million pound refurbishment programme have been recognised nationally".

It is nice to get national recognition and I am sure residents appreciate having clean and safe car parks but, this refurbishment is hardly 'recent' and it seems incredible that WBC is taking praise for a car park they seek to build on just as soon as they can.

A classic quote in the Council's press release says "It is also clear the Council has a strategy for ensuring the parking environments are well maintained into the future." Well, I hate to tell you 'Parking Review' and 'British Parking Association' but this one is not planned to be well maintained into the future. WBC plans to replace the car park with an office block. The site will still provide car parking but at least some will have to be above or below ground.

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